Thursday, August 29, 2013

Teen Co-op Resource

WARNING:  This post will be duplicated in my worldviews in review blog so if you read that one, no need to read this one!

Having teens meet together once a week for co-op is a great opportunity for challenging the students to think seriously about their future.  When one discovers a well-written book that the teens will enjoy and it's filled with wise advice, one celebrates!  When such a book is found one should purchase said book and uses it in co-op, with intention placed on forming breakout sessions so that the book can be discussed in depth!

My teenage son, Matt, and I had the privilege of reading this book before it was published.  Not only does this book contain the advice all teens need to hear, but it's written so well that teenagers will enjoy reading the book  Each chapter is filled with wisdom from differing areas of life and the advice should be pondered, discussed, and then wisely applied.  

It has been interesting to observe teen after teen attend leadership camp at Summit Ministries who get all excited after hearing the same thing their parents have been telling them for years, as if it were brand new information.  Why is that?  Because someone other than mom and dad are speaking into their lives  Parents, rather than being offended, are quite happy when these truths hit home, regardless of who (or what) finally causes the connection!  

The book is about a grandfather who introduces his grandson to various people who share great advice with him  The grandson is an athlete heading to college on scholarship.  Do not let that specific scenario prevent you from getting this book for daughters or for sons who are not athletes, because the advice applies across the board regardless of a young adult's future plans.  

The author of this book, Ryan Sprague, is also a very articulate, entertaining, and knowledgeable speaker. You should contact him to speak in your area.  You won't be disappointed.

If you have friends who teach, coach, counsel, and/or mentor young adults, tell them about this book   Lastly, if you click the picture of the book you can order it from there!  You won't be disappointed.  

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nine Little American Girls . . .

Years ago I helped organize a co-op for young ladies that included my daughter Kimmy (who is now married and living in Colorado).  This fall I'm repeating that adventure with my granddaughters, Karis and Tessa, along with seven other little girls.  Using the first of each of the American Girl books (Meet ______) as the basis for the study, we will get together once a week for three hours!  Lessons will include Bible, character, current events of that time period, geography, social studies, vocabulary, and more.  The girls will give a presentation that relates to the book and/or the time period of each particular week. We will also have thematic snacks, crafts and games!  

Our kick-off party was last week and the girls had a great time getting to know one another. We made feathered clip-on earrings that can be worn at the first co-op since Kaya, a Native American, is the first book we will cover.  

Above is a sample of an organizational chart I am putting together for each week of co-op.  The chart only covers the first three books in the series.  We will also be publishing a newsletter weekly that will include a recap of the co-op as well as the student's presentations.

There are several movies made about the American Girls and we plan to have a movie night during the week that the study coincides with the girl featured in one of the movies.  The movies are well done and each movie includes more than a few relevant issues to discuss afterwards! Movie night will be a fun learning adventure!!