Sunday, December 29, 2013

Co-ops, money matters and more!

Join me as I interview Carol Topp, CPA extraordinaire as we discuss the ins and outs of money matters in regard to co-ops and other issues that pertain to homeschoolers (such as fund raising)!  If you are like me, the thought of formalizing your co-op into a non-profit might not have entered your mind.  However, there are benefits to becoming a non-profit and, if you hire teachers you may find it quite beneficial. 

Carol Topp is a retired homeschooling mom who is also an author, speaker and consultant.  Check out the products and services she offers at her website:

The show will air on Wednesday, January 1, 2014, at 10:00 am, but will be archived and available via iTunes afterwards!

If there are other issues you would like to hear more about on future shows, let me know!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Co-oping in the Midst of Trials

Are you going through a rough time in your personal life?  Experiencing trials and tribulations in the midst of homeschooling sometimes requires thinking outside the box.  My recent interview with Charlotte provided insight for an additional reason to consider homeschooling, co-op style!

Content to homeschool at home (apart from co-ops) for years, Charlotte found herself in the midst of a divorce.  To say this trial wreaked havoc with her routine would be an understatement.  An invitation to visit a co-op changed her world and helped both Charlotte and her daughter in so many ways.

Whether you are going through trying times, or you know someone who is having a rough time, be encouraged that homeschooling co-op style may be the life-changing experience for such a situation.  Listen live on December 18, 2013 at 10:00 am EST or to an archived copy of the podcast afterwards.  The Ultimate Radio Network is the site for the live show, but the show will be available via iTunes as well!

January is usually a month for reflection, goal setting, and changes.  If you are not homeschooling co-op style, give it a try -- even if just for a short period.  You may be surprised and pleased with the many benefits co-oping has to offer!

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Podcasts, co-ops, ministry and Medieval history . . .

For those of you wanting to know more about homeschooling co-op style, listen to the podcasts from the Ultimate Radio Network (they are archived and available on iTunes).  Today I am interviewing Felice Gerwitz, speaker, author and friend, and she has a lot to share about co-ops, homeschooling and more!  Felice and her daughter authored the Truth Seekers Mystery series that my children loved to read growing up!  Future podcasts include an accountant who will discuss the ins and outs of co-op bookkeeping and an interview with a friend who discovered co-ops in the midst of trying times.  A lot of variety and a lot of information!! 

Now that our American Girl co-op has ended I am researching and planning a Medieval history co-op that will begin in January.  We'll go from an all girl co-op to a co-ed co-op.  We are switching from meeting on Mondays to Thursdays so that parents will have Sundays free from being used as the day to finish co-op preparation!

For years I planned our co-ops to end before Thanksgiving and to resume mid-January.  By doing this our family had weeks free to enjoy the holidays!  One year we had a holiday specific co-op.  I'll write about that soon because it may be something you want to try, especially if you are desirous of incorporating meaningful ministry into the holidays!