Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Challenging Teens to Think Deeply

One of the best ways to encourage teens to think deeply about differing belief systems is to intentionally add worldview discussions to teen co-ops.  Or, better yet, organize a co-op centered around worldviews! Regardless of the theme of a teen co-op, one can be intentional about the subject matters included in the co-op in order to help the students think critically, speak articulately, question respectfully, understand the world around them and, most importantly, be ready always to give a gentle answer for the hope they have!

Here is a short podcast (less than 10 minutes) that gives specific instructions for adding vital subject matters and specific exercises to co-ops in order to help prepare teens for life after high school.  This podcast discusses the following:

1)  Using power point to organize each co-op as well as encouraging students to use power point during their presentations.
2)  Current events should be discussed weekly so that the students have an idea about what is going on in the world and so that they understand the importance of trusting sources, researching truth, and discovering all sides of each issue.
3)  Including worldview discussions is imperative.  Ideas have consequences and everyone has a belief system that influences presumptions as well as conclusions.
4)  Learning to ask pertinent questions (and to respectfully question answers) is vital training for future conversations that involve contradictory opinions.
5) Practicing debate prepares a student to think critically and deeply about issues that matter.  Learning to follow the argument of an opponent in order to understand and discuss issues is a skill to be mastered!
6) Break out sessions encourage students to discuss, share opinions, and resolve conflict in a mature manner.

Once a student leaves home, he will be exposed to a myriad of belief systems and many of these systems will, more-than-likely, contradict the Biblical worldview.  Truth is truth and your student should be well prepared to question, discuss, and share his thoughts and ideas with others in such a graceful manner that those with opposing beliefs will be challenged to give serious consideration to a biblical worldview!

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